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The Production line produce several types of pasteurized milk products, i.e. whole milk, skimmed milk and standardized milk of various fat contents. First the milk is preheated and standardised by in line milk fat standardisation system. The purpose of standardisation is to give the milk a defined, guaranteed fat content. Common values are 1.5% for low fat milk and 3% for regular grade milk, fat contents as low as 0.1 and 0.5 % is skimmilk.
Then the standardised milk is homogenised. The purpose of homogenisation is to disintegrate or finely distribute the fat globules in the milk in order to reduce creaming. Homogenisation may be total or partial. Partial homogenisation is a more economical solution, because a smaller homogeniser can be used.
The milk, now is pumped to the heating section of the milk heat exchanger where it is pasteurised. The necessary holding time is provided by a separate holding tube. The pasteurisation temperature is recorded continuously. Pump is a booster pump which increases the pressure of the product to a level at which the pasteurised product cannot be contaminated by untreated milk or by the cooling medium if a leak occur in the plate heat exchanger. If the pasteurisation temperature should drop, this is sensed by a temperature transmitter. A signal activates flow diversion valve and the milk flows back to the balance tank. After pasteurisation the milk continues to a cooling section in the heat exchanger, where it is regeneratively cooled by the incoming untreated cold milk, and then to the cooling section where it is cooled with ice water. The cold milk is then pumped to the filling machines.


1.Water Treatment section
2.Milk Receiving or powder dissolving Section
3.Preparation Section
4.Pasteurization Section
5.Filling &Packaging Section
6.CIP Cleaning Section
9. Steam boiler
10.Cooling Room
11. Installation Material


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